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The reason why there are many rightists in the anti-vaccine camp

Group of S.Korean anti-vaccine pass protesters marching down Gangnam Station(Seoul) area.

This message was posted in the BEXUS Clan group chat room.

"I came into the room after a long time and read some comments." Has this room also changed from the Anti-vaccine pass to the extreme right side that demeans even the left-wing Reds?"

There are bound to be many right-wingers that oppose the vaccine pass. Right Wing also means right, but it also means "correct." The right follows the right universal values that the United States and the Republic of Korea have traditionally pursued, such as opposition to homosexuality, the rule of law, liberalism, and democracy. be consistent with constitutional values This is why the right cannot be separated from Christian values. The foundation of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea was created by Rhee Syngman, who studied in the United States and campaigned for independence and was the first government official. Like the first president of the United States, Rhee Syngman declared the Republic of Korea as a nation founded by God.

Correctness may have different dictionary meanings depending on the perspective of viewing. Correctness presented by the right refers to human correctness, that is, standards that can be universally presented to humans. The correctness suggested by the left is "political correctness," that is, politically, not to include prejudices such as race, ethnicity, language, religion, and gender discrimination. If the right built a national identity for universal human values, the left tried to totalize the non-traditional values of a few. This is where all the confrontation between the right and the left starts.

Just because the dictionary meaning of correctness can be different does not mean that essential standard can be scattered. The essential meaning of being right is that it is an absolute value that cannot be changed. The Constitution of the Republic of Korea stipulates that the absolute value lies in the people's freedom. All sovereignty is in the people, and the state is obligated to protect the freedom of the sovereign. For the freedom of homosexuality, the freedom of straight people cannot be violated, and for the freedom of Muslims, the freedom of Christians cannot be violated. Personal freedom can be established when it does not infringe on other personal freedom. The left-wing government of the Republic of Korea controlled the absolute value of people's freedom. For the bereaved families of May 18, the freedom of expression of the people on May 18th incident was not protected. It is also proposing legislation that proposes the freedom of the majority of people against homosexuality for LGBT people

The same is true of vaccine passes. The Moon Jae In regime only granted access to vaccinated people called Vaccine Pass. It effectively eliminated the right to decide whether to inject external drugs into my body. The Moon Jae In government's introduction of a vaccine pass showed that the left-wing government thoroughly pursues the Nazist idea that individual freedom can be suppressed by the government. It resembles China's one-party dictatorship and resembles North Korea's dynastic regime. This is why the left cannot be welcomed in the Democratic Republic of Korea. In Korea, a right is a group that prioritizes individual freedom over government control. Therefore it is Natural there are many rightists in the Anti-vaccine pass group in the chat room.


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