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The White Papers Policy Institute

The White Papers Policy Research Institute is an organization that explores the future and presents a vision that contributes to leading positive changes. Based on the National Assembly forum and legislative administrative data, we work together to develop innovative and strategic solutions in various fields and promote social development.

The main goals of the White Paper Institute are as follows:

  1. Support policy development and implementation: We support policy development and implementation by analyzing parliamentary forums and legislative administration data. We help the government and National Assembly effectively solve social problems by predicting current and future social and economic trends and providing the information necessary for policy proposals and implementation.

  2. Research on technology and innovation: The White Paper Institute researches new technologies and innovative ideas and integrates them into policies and strategies. We predict future technological trends and explore how they can be applied to social development.

  3. Sustainability and environmental protection: Environmental issues are one of the important issues in modern society. The White Papers Strategy Institute develops and supports environmentally friendly policies and strategies for future generations through research on sustainability and environmental protection.

  4. International cooperation and information sharing: The White Papers Policy Institute also conducts activities from an international perspective and collaborates with various countries and organizations to find solutions to global problems. We also share information and research results obtained at home and abroad, and communicate and cooperate with various stakeholders.

Jeonghyun Kim 2024.01.01

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