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"Great leaders are often those who wholeheartedly follow and apply God's teachings."

Just as dawn broke when the darkness was thick at the end of the Sasa period, God, who looked at the center of His heart, prepared David, son of Jesse, among the Israelites.

Similarly, when the fall of Joseon was near, God prepared Rhee Syng-man, a young man who later became the first president of South Korea. God helped David defeat Goliath in battle against the Philistines, even though he was a just a little shepherd kid.

"David said to the Philistines, 'Come to me with swords, spears, and singers; I will go to you in the name of the Lord of armies, the God of Israel, whom you insult: today the Lord will put you in my hand, and I will cut your head off the body of the Philistines, the birds of the earth, and the salvation of the land of Israel.'" David received oil from God because he was the one who combined God's heart that looked at the center.

"The Lord said to Samuel, 'Do not look at his appearance and height; for I have already abandoned him; what I see is not like a man; man looks at his appearance and I look at the center of the Lord.' So, I sent him to him, and his light was red, his eyes were beautiful, and his face was beautiful. And the Lord said, 'Get up and pour oil on him.' David was greatly moved by the Lord's God after this day." (Samuel 16:7, 12-13) says the Bible.

King David was a man of faith and was blessed with great recognition and obedience to God. Just as David's star is engraved on the current flag of Israel, he became the most respected and great figure of later generations. During this period, the land of Canaan was the most abundant in gold, silver, ivory, janabi, and cedar trees from all over the Mediterranean due to abundant products.

The Phoenicians of Duru and Sidon regions represented idols such as Baal, Asera, and Asdarot. King David became the greatest king in history as well as Israel by removing idols and obeying God completely without committing a crime to God even when the material was the richest and obscene Gentiles were rampant.

King David defended and obeyed Moses' three special preaching words in the Book of God, asking his children not to serve the Gentile God, and asking them to keep God's word in their hearts. The peak period of prosperity was during the reign of King David and King Solomon when hundreds of ships operated throughout the Red Sea, including the Mediterranean Sea, by direct royal fleet.

King David was ready to build God's temple, and he could not overcome his joy and praised God. "David said in front of the whole assembly, 'The Lord, the God of Israel, will receive the blessing forever: the vastness, power, glory, victory, and dignity of the Lord belong to the Lord, and what is in heaven and earth is the head of the LORD.' Wealth and ears are the LORD'S master of all times, and he has power and power in his hands, so is it in your hands that you make all men big and strong? Our God, now we thank the Lord and praise your cinematic name." (Object 29:10~13) He is a great king who gave full sovereignty to God.

King Solomon, who succeeded King David, initially obeyed God's words and offered a thousand times, but later fell into the lust and comfort of the world and left his father David's path to marry foreign women. In his later years, as God warned him, the country was divided into north and south.

Opinion leader Shin Dong-Man's bio

Major General of the reserve army

Former ROK-US Combined Forces Advisor

a former 25th Infantry Division commander

Former Dean of Army Artillery School

Former Director of Information Planning, Army Headquarters

a former Army policy researcher


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